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Learning Ruby on Rails Online - Ruby on Rails Training in Hyderabad India - Ecorptrainings

Ruby on Rails Online Training:

Ruby on Rails Online Training by Realtime Experts

Ruby on Rails Course Contents:

  • Introduction of Ruby on rails
    • What is Ruby
    • Everything's an Object
    • Basics of Ruby
    • Advanced Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
    • What is Ruby on Rails
    • What goes on underneath the hood (introduction to MVC)
    • Introduction to the Rails stack.
    • Tying them all together
  • Rails features and capabilities
    • Sending email with Rails.
    • Introduction to Ajax with Rails.
    • Introduction to RJS.
    • Evolving your database schema with Rails migrations.
  • Extending your Rails applications
    • Web services and Rails.
    • Meta-programming with Rails
    • Extending Rails with plugins.
    • Introduction to Capistrano.
  • Advanced Ruby on Rails development
    • Best practices for Rails application deployment.
    • Optimizing a Ruby on Rails application.
    • Internationalization with Rails.
    • The future of Rails and CRUD.

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